Simple Hosting

We don’t think small business owners should have to get bogged down with technical details. We know you just want your website to be online and ready for your customers every time, all the time. We offer a managed hosting solution where you leave it to us to keep the lights on.


We work in the background to make sure your site is safe and secure. We keep everything up to date and run malware scans to prevent the bad guys from getting in. If we ever find a problem, we fix it

Seriously Fast

You’re on a VPS which means you’re not sharing resources and bandwidth with other sites (aka shared hosting). Also, we utilize server-side caching techniques which means amazing performance and scalability for your site

Nightly Cloud Backups

Your site is backed up automatically every night. Plus, all our backups are stored in the Amazon S3 cloud for maximum security and reliability

Free Migration

Already have a website you love? Perfect. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and migrate your site to our hosting platform for free

Available starting with our Partnership plan.